Visagist in München

Vita – About Luis Huber

Luis Huber - Make-up Studio und Visagist in München

Already at a young age Luis Huber discovered his talent for the arts – his portrait drawings providing him with a scholarship for the art academy in Graz. At an early stage it became apparent that he was in possession of a special talent for combining art with cosmetics. It was his grandmother, always enveloped by a soft scent of Chanel No. 5, who awakened his passion for beauty.

During his apprenticeship to become Austria's first male beautician, he managed to prove his skill and flair for emphasizing that certain something in a person's face, this all being thanks to his artistic talent. Ever since, he has remained true to his belief that a person's beauty should not be laden with current trends, but instead – through subtle emphasis of individuality – attain pure perfection.

True beauty lies in the imperfection thereof. 

The Luis Huber philosophy even managed to convince Udo Walz; the Berlin-based make-up-artist, who successfully applies this maxim to star clients such as Jodie Foster or Demi Moore. Seemingly, nothing could stand in the way of young talent Luis Huber's career – the following employment by Yves Saint Laurent was a logical consequence to his individual and sublime way of working. Television also started taking notice and since 2000 he has become integral for the ARD and since 2011 hosts his own show  – Schön mit Luis as part of the daily series ARD-Buffet – in which he explainsthe essence of make-up: To convey a message and individually accentuate beauty.

What inspires Luis Huber's unique style ?

LH: I have always been intrigued by every woman's individual aura and the fascinating thing about my job is to recognise, capture and visualise this. It is the process hereof which is my greatest inspiration and, at the same time, greatest challenge.